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'New' House of Fraser causes refund problems for customers

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Oct 15, 2018

House of Fraser is now owned by Mike Ashley of Sports Direct, but can the new company be trusted to give swift refunds? 

Customers interviewed by The Guardian found that when they returned items to House of Fraser, the parcels were mixed up with returns made to the ‘old’ House of Fraser, which the new company is refusing to offer refunds for.

One customer, Harps Singh, bought three pairs of designer jeans for £380 in late September. When he returned the jeans, he expected to receive his money back.

However, Singh was told by Royal Mail that his parcel is with thousands of others that were returned by buyers to the ‘old’ House of Fraser. The new company is refusing to give out these refunds.

Despite requesting multiple times that his return be processed, Singh has not received a response. He has also been told he can’t take the unwanted items to a stores, as staff are instructed not to proceed web-order refunds at the till.

Singh told The Guardian, ‘No one can tell me what’s going on - it’s ridiculous. I certainly won’t be ordering again any time soon, and others who were thinking of doing the same need to be aware of what’s going on there.’

Another customer paid the last instalment on a £1,280 sofa, only to be told that he had lost his money. The store then called him to enquire if he wanted to buy the sofa he’d originally ordered for a discounted price of £750.

House of Fraser has not made a statement regarding this issue, and has denied that it has been calling customers to offer purchases of items they have already bought.


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