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Mother's Day Misery: Customers from Lovely Flora World tell of flower disasters

Patrick Christys
Mar 29, 2019

Mother's Day is upon us and what better way to express your love than by buying a lovely bunch of flowers?

The only problem is, sometimes they turn up late or damaged - there's nothing worse that your mother opening a note that says: 'These flowers represent my love for you' only for her to find a bunch of withered daffodils or dead roses with petals crumbling into dust.

Here at A Spokesman Said we've had more than 1,000 complaints about Lovely Flora World, which claims to offer cheap flowers and a reliable delivery service. 

Shonagh got in touch to say: "My partner Chloe has ordered flowers to get delivered and they have arrived at the wrong time! They are dead flowers! If I do not get a phone call in 24 hours I WILL be going further with this! Avoid this company!"

Melanie also wrote in to say: "I paid for flowers to be delivered but they didn’t deliver them and refused to refund???? Disgusting company and disgusting customer service! This is fraud - advertising for a product and service they don’t provide."

It may now have become fashionable around the trendier parts of London to send or receive wilted flowers; they'd probably call them 'reclaimed' or 'recycled foliage'. 

But the fact is whenever anybody has ordered something from Lovely Flora World, well, the clue's in the name, surely?

It's not called: Dead Undelivered Flowers R Us.

But apparently they might as well be, just look at what happened to Suzanne: "Ordered 2 bouquets to be delivered to same address on the same delivery date. 1st bouquet arrived late and dead (we sent proof via photo to them) 2nd Bouquet never arrived.

"Have contacted them via email on 4 occasions and they kept repeating check with person they were for and send photo of flowers as they had not experienced this before. They had already emailed they had received email with photo ??. We asked for money to be paid back into our account and we did not want replacement for the dead ones.

"To this date still waiting for refund and know they are not replying to our requests."

The only saving grace about having a disappointing experience as a customer is having the ability to ring up and complain.

It gives you the chance to morph into 'Mr/Mrs Angry from (insert town name here...)', it gives you the chance to let off some steam, use words like 'absobloodyridiculous' and slam the phone down a few times, which is always a good stress reliever.

But Gemma claims Lovely Flora World denied her that simple right.

She said: "Flowers never arrived and the company have no contact number to complain to. Countless emails sent they responded to the first confirming the address then sent a second email with a totally different address? Then never replied to the rest of my emails. Disgusting customer service."

A quick check of the Lovely Flora World website does appear to show that there isn't an obvious number to contact if it all goes Pete Tong.

The company has also not replied to the torrent of complaints on A Spokesman Said - of which there have been 1,361.

A Spokesman Said has contacted Lovely Flora World and is awaiting reply - although if their communications team works as well as their flower delivery service, it will probably arrive late and with a slight tinge of brown.

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