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FRAUD ALERT: Con artists target you with dodgy emails

Patrick Christys
Jul 29, 2019

Beware - fraudsters are targeting you with emails claiming to be from famous companies demanding payment. If you're not careful, they could clean you out.

In recent days, thousands of people have received emails claiming to be from the likes of Eon and HM Revenue and Customs. 

They make a set of demands, claiming that you owe them money and if you don't pay within a fixed time slot you'll end up being taken to court or charged a huge penalty.

The trick is that these emails look official. They copy the website almost identically. In fact, their attention to detail would be impressive if they weren't total scumbags who want to rinse you of every penny of your hard earned cash.

Sometimes the con artists will even claim that they're going to pass your details on to a debt collection service, prompting worried people to frantically pay their demands.

But the real issue is that once you do that, they've got your bank details. And they can clean you out completely.

Anna Bowes, of website Savings Champion, received a scam email, claiming to be from Revenue & Customs and promising her a refund of £532.80. 

It said all she had to do was click on a link and have her credit card details ready. She soon realised the email contained grammatical errors – for example ‘the link expire’s on 22 July 2019’ – which are a sign it is fraudulent.

She says: ‘These scam emails prey on our desire to ensure we don’t pay too much tax and it’s easy to see why people fall for them.’

Suspicious emails should be reported to Action Fraud ( or contact Citizens Advice on 03454 040506. 

To learn more about scams, visit website – set up by National Trading Standards.


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