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Sony U-turn on refund after 14-year-old’s PlayStation purchase error

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Jan 5, 2016


PlayStation giant Sony has backed down after A Spokesman Said stepped in and has now agreed to refund £80 that was spent in error on FIFA 16.

The money was spent on in-game PlayStation points by a friend of 14-year-old Joe Dexter – even though Joe didn’t even own the game.

That meant Joe couldn’t use the points, unless he also bought a copy of FIFA 16 for an extra £32.

Dad, Paul, from Nottingham, immediately got in touch with Sony when the lads came to tell him what they had accidentally done.

And although EA Sports, the makers of the FIFA game, said a refund would not be problem, Sony said ‘No!’

That was three months ago! 

But Paul refused to give up because he argued that the points had not been spent and couldn't be spent, so a refund was only fair.  Or, if not a refund, at least a transfer to another game his son did own, like Call of Duty.

Sony refused.

But then Paul got in touch with A Spokesman Said, and we blogged about the problem and contacted Sony to explain matters.

Now Sony has carried out an inquiry and decided that, as there was a genuine mistake, they WILL refund the money after all.

A delighted Paul told us: “I would like to say that I am over the moon with the help and support given by A Spokesman Said. 

“They have been excellent throughout and helped me get a resolution to an issue that had been dragging on for over 3 months.  

“I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone that needs help with getting a problem sorted. Fantastic - Thank You!!!!”

A spokesman for Sony explained that it is possible for parents to set up sub-accounts to prevent children from having access to a master account that is linked to a payment card. 

“A parent that wishes to grant their child the ability to make small responsible purchases can set a limit on such expenditure through the sub account system.

“It is very rare for a consumer to purchase points, receive them as expected and not actually use them to buy FIFA content. 

“However, we have looked again at the specifics of this case and spoken directly with EA, and we are satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances and are happy to make an exception to our published cancellation policy in this case.”


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