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Families slam Lovely Flora World for Mother's Day delivery problems

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Mar 7, 2016

Scores of families had their Mother’s Day ruined when retailers failed to deliver presents in time.

Sons and daughters have blasted flower seller Lovely Flora World for missing or sub-standard orders.

Mother’s Day is big business: last year Brits spent half a billion pounds on cards and gifts.

It is vital customers left out of pocket know their rights and know how to get their money back.

“I’m absolutely gutted,” one Lovely Flora World customer, Laura Sayers, told us.

“I ordered flowers for Mother’s Day on Friday to be delivered to my mum; the payment went through but no flowers were delivered.”

Another daughter, Corrine Pearson, says she is “devastated” that Lovely Floral World bungled her order.

“It ruined my day knowing my mum had no flowers and thought I had made no effort,” said Corrine, who drove from Essex to Bournemouth to deliver a gift in person.

Even customers who did get their orders weren’t happy. Many said the flowers were shoddy, drooping or nearly dead.

Aimee, whose order is pictured at the top, told us: “When I opened the box I was disgusted to find that a majority of the flowers were already dead and the rest were well on their way.”

Others said the flowers bore little resemblance to the pictures on the Lovely Flora World website.

“The flowers looked half dead,” Sinead Maloney explained, “they looked nothing like the online photos.”


Sinead took a photo comparing the website's picture with the order she received


Daniel Dulake also slammed the “dreadful quality” of his bouquet and said they “started wilting almost immediately.”

We’ve invited Lovely Flora World to respond to its customers’ concerns. A spokesperson for the company told us: 

"Due to the unusually large number of orders for flowers for the Mother’s Day weekend some orders may have been delayed. Customers who are dissatisfied with the condition of the flowers, or who have not received their delivery within 1-2 days from the delivery date, have the right to request a replacement. Customers who have not received the bouquet after the stated period will be offered a refund."


It’s not just Lovely Flora World that has faced criticism after Mother’s Day.

Charlotte Martin says her mum was “left without a present” after eFlorist failed to deliver the bouquet she ordered.

eFlorist did apologise to Charlotte and offered to donate money to charity.


What are your rights if a company doesn't deliver?

Remember: it is the seller’s responsibly to make sure your item is delivered to you within 30 days or on an agreed date – like Mother’s Day.

Don’t waste hours chasing a delivery company. The seller is obliged to do that for you.

If a retailer fails to deliver, you are entitled to a replacement or a refund. Contact the retailer explaining that you know your rights and are requesting a refund.

How you go about getting your money back from your bank depends on how you paid.

Debit Card: ring up your bank and ask to use the chargeback scheme. Your bank can then ask the seller on your behalf to reverse the charge.


Credit Card: For items less than £100, ring your card provider and ask to use chargeback. If you’re order was between £100 and £30,000, you need to make a Section 75 claim - again with your credit card company.


PayPal: use PayPal’s online resolution centre – make your claim within 180 days.

You may find yourself in a pickle where the retailer isn’t playing ball and is denying you a refund.

In this case, take the matter to Trading Standards and publicise your case on A Spokesman Said.


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