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Adewole's complaint against Three

Adewole Soleye


Illegal Billing for an Expired Contract

Complaint against Three

Three notified me that my contract will ending 4 May and the current plan that I was is no more available as a result they are proposing to move me to another plan that will cost £30 per month SIMs Only. I was given the option to call them if I don’t want to continue on the new plan. I called three on several occasions, we had several discussions but we could not agreed on a plan that meets my needs, there and then I informed them that once the contract ends I am not interested in any renewal with them. Based on my previous discussions with Three, on 4th of May, my line was moved to Vodafone and necessary codes were released by Three for effective transfer of the line to Vodafone. Second week in May, I got another letter from Three congratulating me for moving to my new plan and that the new plan takes effect from 10th May, 2016. This was a huge shock to me. I sent a letter to three that I don’t understand the meaning of the letter because my line left their network since 4th of May. To my surprise, three sent a bill of £12.95 that I am owing meanwhile, direct debit deduction was made by three from my account covering the period of April to May 4, 2016. I have sent letters to three to explain this bill no response. Who used the line between 4th May to 10 May? Because I am not on Three Network and all my calls has been on Vodafone. Please bail me out.

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