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margaret's complaint against Three

margaret shaw


money taken from direct debit for mobile phone short codes nearly £100 phone company £ no help at al

Complaint against Three

I pay monthly direct debit £10.99 maximum £16 if use add ons suddenly £43 for July now for August £50.01 so nearly £100 so far very little help from customer services and minutes taken out of paid allowance so no minutes left as one and half hour on phone to them plus no help in store as say i must have clicked on a site and have short codes i.e.82 888 &600044. I am a pensioner I do not have that kind of money to spare I have had a mobile for years as a safety measure i absolutely have never had anything like this happen before. I had odd texts x 3 so I deleted the store said as i had done that they did,nt know who texts from told me to phone 333 but that was useless as well i was put through to a company who said they would refund £20 they send me a text in a few weeks I take phone to the post office they see text and will give me £20 ?? Today I had a text saying Quiztonic service have unbsubscribed I have no idea who they are i dare no use my mobile now in case i have to pay more What is best action to take i have no confidence in 3 I spoke to my bank they said not to cancel direct debit pay then put in a complaint but so far 3 not at all helpful

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