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Meghan's complaint against Three

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Over charge of £150 for collect call

Complaint against Three

I was working in USA over the summer and put my earnings in Key Bank card. For 2 weeks I travelled to the Bahamans but found I was unable to use my Key Bank card (through an error by Key Bank). I had to ring USA key bank 'collect' as instructed by Key Bank and they told me the call would be free. However as I have a three sim this did not apply to me and I was billed by Three for £150. On top of this three blocked my phone so I could no longer use it. I was unable to contact three but worse of all I was unable to call my parents. Three did not try to contact me by my registered email address or by letter. Now they have taken £150 from my account even though they cut me off when I needed my mobile the most. I was caught in a hurricane and needed to ring my parents for the comfort of their voices but was unable to do so. I was really upset but three say the problem is mine.

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£150?! Wow that's crazy! It reminds me another user - check this out: We use publicity to pressure companies for resolution, and we do it for free. Help us by sharing your complaint link on Facebook! Try to get some support from your friends (that's really powerful!). They can click "support" on the top of your complaint
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