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Eric's complaint against Talkxtra



Cannot make calls

Complaint against Talkxtra

The Service is down yet they are still taking payments. There is an information on their website to confirm hardware failure.

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Catherine Melvin | | VERIFIED

RE: I had an account with them for a few years and when I tried to use my account recently, it said that my balance was zero! I called the number provided on their website (N.B. I had to call them because it seems you can NO LONGER contact them by email?!?!). When I EVENTUALLY got through, I told them that I had between €18-€20 left on my credit. So they then told me to contact them by email and provided me with an email address. BUT...

Catherine Melvin | | VERIFIED

when I sent the email to that address, the email was returned to me saying that the email address was a non-existent email address!!! The following day, I tried to call them back on the number I rang the previous day i.e. the 1800 number they provide on their website, it did not even ring i.e. it does not ring out or even ring at all but rather the call picks up and the minutes tick away but there is nobody at the other end of the line. Has anyone else had similar problems or any suggestions?
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