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James's complaint against iD Mobile

James Paler


Failure to acknowledge payment of a bill

Complaint against iD Mobile

On the 12th/13th August I transfered £112.48 by phone to cover an outstanding bill, with the iDmobile phone company for phone no 07401049722. The agents involved attempted the transfer a number of times & then said all the transactions had failed. I contacted my bank (TSB) and they stated that the transaction had gone through successfully. They advised me that I should contact iD mobile asking for evidence of the failed transaction. I sent a registered letter with an copy of the bank statement but have had no response. I did also send the same information through iDmobiles complaints procedure a number of times and finally got it logged ref 14645262 but again have had no further response. My bank TSB has since carried out a trace on the transfer to iDmobile's bank that shows the transfer had taken place. we the contacted them with the information but they seem incapable of completing transactions that would clear the outstanding bill. In the mean time they have issued a notice of recovery proceedings against me for the outstanding balance that I have already paid.

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