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Prakash's complaint against iD Mobile

Prakash Patel


Worst company to deal with

Complaint against iD Mobile

I wish there were minus stars to give this company. I ordered a sim in August, they took all my details. Sim never arrived, but they started charging me and took money out of my account. Complained and they refunded me, but they would not cancel the contract. Only way to cancel the contract was by speaking to Retentions. But when you try to speak to Retentions, you are put on hold. Having spent best part of 2 hours holding, I wrote to them. Reply to say they will respond within 2 days. Nothing. I spoke to my bank and cancelled the direct debit. So now they have me marked with the Credit Agencies as a bad debtor and I have "Defaulted". Worst communications company ever! Worst customer services. Only interested in grabbing your money and running. Very surprised as they are part of Car phone warehouse. I am now in process of take matter further to clear my name as it is messing up any Credit I apply for. DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING. Steer clear.

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