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jon's complaint against Venntro

jon roberts


[RESPONDED] cannot close dating site account

Complaint against Venntro

i joined at the start of september. didnt like the site. tried to leave. extremely laborious set of steps to go through involving printing off forms, signing them and faxing. do not have the equip,emt to do any of this. emailed the site support and requested immediate cancellation. no help given, just repeated the useless, impossible procedures. this feels like a con to make closing accounts impossible to harvest more payments. i have emailed 5 times now demanding the closing of my account. please ensure my account is closed and no further money is taken or i will be pursuing my complaint further.

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Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hi Jon, Sorry to hear you're having trouble cancelling your account. Please could you share your email address with me and I'll pass it onto the right team who will be able to help you? Best wishes, Katie - Venntro

jon roberts | | VERIFIED

thanks for your response Katie. i believe my case has now been resolved and the account has been closed. :)
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