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Brian's complaint against Venntro

Brian Duckitt


[LAPSED] continued billing after Vennntro advised that i would not be billed further

Complaint against Venntro

On the 19/9/16 I cancelled my subscription. In October I queried the fact that I had received a further billing. The response from the customer care service was obviously written by someone with what can only be described as a basic knowledge of the English language ....the person concerned contradicting him or herself. Follow up correspondence confirmed that I would no longer be billed, yet I have just discovered that since 4th November 2016I have been billed for a total of R1824.96 Since last hearing from "customer help" I have not had any emails advising of Smart Pics, Top 10 singles in my area or advise re messages or folks who have read my profile, so I naturally assumed that I was no longer on either their "Senior' or "Fish dating " sites. The billing amounts from November 2016 are as follows: 4/11/16....R117 4/12/16...R195 5/12/16...R61.99 3/1/17...R195 4/1/17...R95 14/1/17...R61.99 2/2/17...R195 3/2/17...R95 13/2/17...R61.99 4/3/17...R195 5/3/17...R95 15/3/17...R61.99 Total R1429.96 DURING THIS PERIOD I HAVE NOT HAD ANY COMMUNICATION FROM VENNTRO RE SMART PICS, TOP 10S, OR MESSAGES SO IT APPEARS THAT MY MEMBERSHIP WAS CANCELLED, YET I CONTINUED TO BE BILLED. In attempt to prevent further billing I have once more cancelled my subscriptions today. Member #s: 58765270 and 58073935.

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Lapsed. Brian has not responded in 90 days

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Venntro Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hi Brian, I'm sorry that you feel you've had a bad experience with the customer care team, I have looked into the previous correspondence and can see that when you were initially querying payments you were referring to Zoosk, we explained that this is a different company and you would need to get in contact with them to discuss the website.

Venntro Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Please note that in the message above, you are referring to 'Smart Picks' and 'Top 10 singles in your area' these are features of Zoosk. So we can get this all cleared up for you, I have sent you an email regarding your memberships with us. Best wishes, Michaela - Venntro
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