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Katie's complaint against Venntro

Katie Gowler


[LAPSED] Fraudulent Transaction

Complaint against Venntro

I've had a direct debit taken out from my account and I've not signed up for, I don't even know what service your company provides! It's currently a pending transaction on my account but if the transaction goes through my bank will be opening a fraud case against you. Would like to resolve this ASAP please!

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Lapsed. Katie has not responded in 90 days

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Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hello Katie, Thanks for getting in touch. Can you please provide me with your email address so I am able to locate and cancel your payments. Many thanks, Liberty - Venntro

Katie Gowler | | VERIFIED

I don't have an account with you and I have 3 email addresses so I have no idea what account you'd be needing?

Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hello, Thank you for your reply. If you could please provide the date of the payment, the last 4 digits of your long card number and the amount billed we can locate the payment. Regards, Liberty - Venntro

Katie Gowler | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hi, Thanks for your reply. It appears your card details have been used fraudulently to upgrade on our website. We've removed the account from the service and we have refunded the payment. I would advise contacting your bank to request a new card. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any further information regarding this profile. Regards, Liberty - Venntro

Katie Gowler | | VERIFIED

I'm not asking for a name for the profile but could you please at least confirm that it isn't MY name that's being used please, otherwise I'll have to persue a claim of identity theft. Thank you.

Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hello, Thank you for your reply. The profile created was a fake profile, it was only your payment details that were used. I would recommend cancelling your card as soon as possible. Regards, Liberty - Venntro
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