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Edward's complaint against Venntro

Edward Hansen


Prevented to read messages fom a paid up member

Complaint against Venntro

I found a lady I liked and she wrote me a message. I was invited to read the message by an email but was taken straight to the payment site for an exorbitant sum of money. I wrote to the lady to explain I was not permitted to read her message. My message was refused. I wrote again and was refused again. Finally on the fourth attempt when I did not explain about not reading her message it finally got approved. My lady then sent me another message. I could not write another message without payment so I tried to pay with a discount offer. My credit card refused the transaction. I don't think their site is trustworthy as my further attempts were all refused. My lady is a paid up member and yet her messages are refused to be read by me. I tried to put an apology in my profile that I could not read sent messages. This also was not allowed. I have suggested that the lady be sent a message to update her membership with a "bolt on' which will allow me to read her now 3 messages. I have offered to pay the $12 it would cost her on the next working day. My biggest annoyance of many is people are not knowing their messages are not being allowed to be read by basic members. We are not allowed to tell them.

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