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Glenn's complaint against Venntro

Glenn de la Motte


[RESPONDED] Unorthorised transactions

Complaint against Venntro

To Whom It May Concern. I have had money withdrawn from my account by Venntro without any correspondence from them informing me of their intentions, and without my consent.. Some weeks ago there were amounts totalling around $287, and in the last few days an amount of $55. I do consider this stealing. Although I did sign up with a number of dating sites, I have recently messaged them indicating that I needed them to cancel my subscription for me as I did not know how to go about it myself, not being tech-savvy. It seems to me that dating sites deliberately make it hard to cancel accounts, so as to keep taking money. It needs to be made law that dating sites cannot automatically renew subscriptions once they expire. It needs to be done manually at the client's discretion. These needless expenses are a huge inconvenience to me, as I am trying to save up. I have a new card number now for security purposes, to ensure fraudulent withdrawals are prevented. Therefore I am unsure how Venntro have this card number, as they shouldn't have. I formally request a refund from Venntro of both of the above amounts, totalling around $342. Thank you. Glenn de la Motte

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Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hi Glenn, sorry to hear you've had issues cancelling your account. So that I can get our Customer Care team to look into this for you and send you instructions on how to do so, please could you share your email address with me? Best wishes, Katie - Venntro

Glenn de la Motte | | VERIFIED

Hi Katie. Thanks for the reply. I wish to remain on Zoosk, as I am chatting to someone, but all other dating sites can be closed. My email address is [email protected] There is the issue of that $342 that was taken from my account without notice and without my consent. I would like a refund for all or part of this. Thank you.
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