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Steve's complaint against Venntro

Steve Kenny


[LAPSED] Venntro - spam

Complaint against Venntro

I've noticed this company seems to work almost exclusively with dodgy "adult dating" sites and employ fake profile spam on other sites like Instagram to try to lure punters, sorry, "potential members " in. The latest one I've noticed is fake instagram profiles linking to charming sites like britbang. I've brought this issue up before, got blocked by venntro's owner on Twitter when i politely asked him what connection his company had with a swingers site that had venntro terms and conditions all over it. Venntro themselves will say "oh, it's not us, it's other companies using our software" if that was the case these companies would NOT BE USING VENTROS T+Cs all over their site. My main issue is that they use stolen photographs on sites like instagram and tinder to try to get traffic to their thousands of cheap, unused sites. Its identity theft pure and simple. Look.. don't take my word for it. Just look up delightful sites like britbang and then have a look at channel4s investigation into Global personals (who rebranded as venntro) and check out their BBC watchdog investigation. Dodgy.

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Lapsed. Steve has not responded in 90 days

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Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hi Steve, sorry to hear you aren't happy with your experience on one of our sites. So that I can get our Customer Care team to get in touch with you about this, please could you share your email address with me that you used to sign up? Best wishes, Katie - Venntro
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