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Jane's complaint against Venntro

Jane Leach


[LAPSED] Venntro Widows Dating online/uk

Complaint against Venntro

Widows Dating online I made this complaint and heard from Venntro that they wanted my email address. I heard from customer support Venntro who told me that a refund could not be made as the money had been that been taken (without my permission) it could not be refunded. This leaves at a loss as to how else money could be refunded. Complaint about Venntro I joined this site for one month trial at £24.95 the highest monthly cost for this service but as an actual widow I could not afford to join for longer. The month was over so I went onto the site to close my membership only to see that I was a member till November 15th another month. I checked my bank and they had taken another £24.95 from my bank and the bank were unable to stop it as they used my card details. I was unable to cancel till 9am this morning Monday 17th October. I have cancelled now and I fully expect to receive my money back. I found a telephone number on google but it is no longer used and the company can only be contacted through the site itself.

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Lapsed. Jane has not responded in 90 days

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Jane Leach | | VERIFIED

The response given by Venntro is totally wrong. A months trial is just that and hiding behind Terms & Conditions is despicable taking money at the weekend but the site is set so cancellation is only possible in office hours. Venntro are taking money from vulnerable bereaved people hoping that they will be too embarrassed to voice their disgust I am not I will make sure that people know of this.

Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hi Jane, Thanks for your comment. I have spoken to the customer care team who have informed me that because you did not cancel before the date you were due to be re billed, unfortunately we are unable to offer you a refund. When you first make a payment to us, you take out a subscription that will automatically renew until you cancel your account...

Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

We explain this on the payment page and in the terms and conditions that you agree to when you make a payment. I hope this makes sense. Many thanks, Michaela - Venntro

Jane Leach | | VERIFIED

It seems clear that your company does not value honesty when a person signs for one month trial it seems fair to expect it to be just that as the month is a lot more expensive than signing for longer. A company who hides behind (terms and conditions) is very low. You took my money at the weekend but when I tried to cancel I couldn't till Mon-Fri 9-5pm. This extremely dishonest I will not go away

Venntro Media Group | | VERIFIED

Hi Jane, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. We renew subscriptions automatically for your convenience so that you can enjoy uninterrupted access to the site. We explain this clearly on the payment page and provide a link to our terms and conditions. Best wishes, Michaela - Venntro
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