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Donna's complaint against The Phone Spot

Donna Horncastle


[LAPSED] poor service

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I received a cold call from this company but the caller stated he was calling acting on behalf of carphone warehouse, he proceeded to go on about a fantastic deal on a new phone, to which I heard him say the 2017 S8. I was convinced this was the carphone warehouse that I accepted the deal. However when the phone arrived it was clear that it was not carphone warehouse but phonespot which appears to be a division of Dixon, so misrepresenting carphone warehouse. I also received an S3 not the S8 I assumed I was getting. I was convinced over the phone I was saving over £20 a month. I subsequently called phonespot to cancel. I was told by A that they would listen to the recording and act upon it asap. This was 2 weeks ago, despite me chasing and speaking to A twice he still didn't get back to me. The S3 is still in its box untouched. I never received a confirmation email or letter, nor the details to access the 'account' I supposedly should have. Just a phone in the post!

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Hello Donna, Thanks for your review. If you wish to cancel your recent order please call our customer service team on 01509 618 593 so we can help, all calls are charged at a landline rate. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team
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