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Rebecca's complaint against The Phone Spot

Rebecca Buck


[RESPONDED] Cancellation of order

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I had phone calls from phone spot to upgrade phone which I agreed to and now want to cancel order . Spoke to customer services and cannot cancel as details changed . Advised to go in carphone warehouse and change dets . Having spoke to carphone warhorse about this issue nothing has been changed so now unable to cancel order with the phone spot . Very disappointed and the customer service were not very helpful at all !!

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ThePhone Spot | | VERIFIED

Hi Rebecca, If the details you have provided us do not match what we hold we would not be able to access the account. We would advise you to visit a Carphone Warehouse store with your ID for your details to be updated. Once they have been updated in store we would be able to access your account to cancel your order if you wish to return. Kind regards, Leona| The Phone Spot Customer Support team.

Rebecca Buck | | VERIFIED

I have already spoke to one of your sales people yesterday who rang me and I cancelled the order . I hope this is the end of it now . No cancellation email has been sent I am not sure if u do send them?? The mistake was on your end as I have spoke to carphone warehouse and 02 myself regarding the matter . They are also aware of your company and it has been reported . Many thanks
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