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Diane 's complaint against The Phone Spot

Diane Cutty


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Complaint against The Phone Spot

On 05/06/19 I received a call from the phone spot and changed my contract with my current provider. After the call I felt l had been too hasty and didn't really consider my decision to change. On 06/06/19 I called the phone Spot back and cancelled the order. I was reassured that the order would be cancelled without issues. On 18/06/19 I received a text from the phone spot confirming the change of contract and delivery of a new SIM. I tried to call the phone spot back but my phone was then disconnected. I called The Phone Spot on 18/06/19. The agent confirmed an order was placed and the agent would need to speak to my network provider to resolve the issue. I called the Phone Spot back for an update on different days UNTIL 20/06/19 I was told an order WAS placed on 18/06/19 and I needed to ring my network provider to resolve the issue. I asked how this happened after I cancelled the order. The agent confirmed they did not know. You could see the cancelled order but a second order had gone through. I asked to escalate my complaint. I spoke to a manager who did not help. I requested The Phone Spot's complaint and appeals procedure and was told I would have to look at the website. 21/06/19 The issue was resolved with my network provider and my SIM was back in service. 25/06/19 I spoke to The Phone Spot regarding the escalation and the decision made was based on the outcome of the initial phone call. My subsequent phone calls were disregarded. I requested the transcripts of ALL of my phone calls. I explained as they had acted without my authorisation the transaction was not legal and i wanted a full investigation into the decision. I was told I would need to put my complaint in writing. The customer service of this company is horrendous! I'm shocked reputable companies are affiliated with them. I will be sending all appropriate documentation to the network for them to consider. I will also be seeking advice with regards to a company acting without the consent of the customer.

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