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Frances's complaint against The Phone Spot

Frances Gallagher


[LAPSED] Cancellation

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I was called by thephonespot while I was in an ambulance with my elderly mother. The cold call operative was persistent and I thought that it was carphone warehouse calling. Once the call was completed i realised that it was not carphone warehouse and immediately tried to contact the company to have the order cancelled. I have tried on numerous occasions without response. I want the contract cancelled. I have an audit trail of emails I have sent. I have been unable to contact the company and is another reason I do not want a contract with them. I want it cancelled as I contacted them within the first 14 days of the contract allowing a cancellation.

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Lapsed. Frances has not responded in 90 days

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Charlotte Ellix | | VERIFIED

Hello Frances, Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear about the situation and would like to discuss this with you further. If you wish to cancel your order please call customer service on 01509 618 593 . Ryan | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

Frances Gallagher | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Frances Gallagher | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Charlotte Ellix | | VERIFIED

Hi Frances, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been able to get through to us. The number that we provided is a local rate number, so as long as you have minutes on your phone, it will be free of charge. Our lines are open today and we'll be happy to help you. Kind regards, Ryan | The PhoneSpot Customer Support team
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