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KIMBERLEY's complaint against The Phone Spot



[LAPSED] Disgusted with mis selling and incorrect information

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I was miss sold a new upgrade. Not only did I get a different phone to what was sold to me, its also in the wrong colour. I waited over a week for my phone to arrive, to find its the wrong phone and now only have days to return the item before my cooling off period ends. Was advised it starts when receive your phone, now advised its when I agreed to the upgrade and the lady didn't even care. I've rung the phone spot who said I needed a returns label which would be emailed to me still waiting. Now following up the call and cant get through ever. This is completely unacceptable and I trusted this company as part of a 3rd party to car phone warehouse who have always been brilliant. This service is disgusting and no one cares!!! I have spent money on calls that shouldn't of been made, a phone which is no better than I already have and a new contract who gawd knows it belongs to. Appalled upset and disgusted

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Lapsed. KIMBERLEY has not responded in 90 days

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Hello Kimberley, Thanks for your feedback. I apologise for the circumstances relating to your order. Please can you confirm your mobile number so I can arrange a call back, alternatively I recommend you try calling us again in order to get this resolved. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team
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