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Alexis's complaint against The Phone Spot

Alexis Etherington



Complaint against The Phone Spot

So they hounded me calling me at least 5 times a day for a week. Ignored the calls until I got curious and called back. Spoke to Michael who sorts me a reasonable deal on upgrade with iPhone 6 64gb for £36 a month. I had broken my phone and was due to upgrade so why not. This is all on 14th December 2016. Supposed to send me an email to confirm, 15th comes no email. So I call them again and speak to Amanda, who tells me the order is cancelled and she can't find it on their system. She is unable to tell me why etc. Asks if I want them to call back and redo the order? I say no just leave it. That's that or so I thought. 22nd comes and I get a text with no details telling me good news as my phone is about to be dispatched! By this time I've already gone a brought myself a phone. So called them again and was hung up on 3 times! Tried to call back but it's after 6 so they're closed. Talk to o2 who can't help, so put through to carphone warehouse. Spoke to a VERY RUDE person who said even though phone spot are a subsidiary of them they have no control over what they do. 23rd comes and so does the phone, that is apparently cancelled!! It's a 16gb so not even the one they offered and it's addressed to Mr, which I very much not! Now trying to find details of how to return the poxy thing and all their website says is to call the number! Or register your details, good yeah? Well no as I've got 4 reference numbers and when I tried them all the website says is that an error has occurred! Ridiculous! No transparency whatsoever! I need to know the return process asap can anyone help?!

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Hello Alexis, Thank you for your review. I am really sorry to hear abour the issues you've faced with your recent order and that you'd like to return.Please call us on 01509 618 593 and we will be happy to help. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. I hope you have a great day. Kind regards, Ryan | Phonespot Customer Support team
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