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Donna 's complaint against The Phone Spot

Donna Piper


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Complaint against The Phone Spot

I was contacted by the phone spot and informed they were the car phone warehouse and working in conjunction with O2. I was told they could process my upgrade on behalf of O2, that my number would remain the same. I was then given an "good deal "on an upgrade and told I would receive email confirming this. 12 days later a random text from phone spot telling me that phone would be dispatched with 12 days. I was under impression I had dealt with car phone warehouse! I have tried to contact phone spot to cancel this expensive upgrade (on further investigation found deal with O2 cheaper) only to be told when I get through that all of thier system's are down and to ring back. I asked for customer service email only to be told they don't have one!!!!! I want to cancel my order before they dispatch. Help!!!!

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Janet Steell | | VERIFIED

Im having same problem i phoned them.the same day to cancel and have found out 2 days later it is being dispatched today have been advised to refuse delivery just hope my original contract reverts back as dont want to be paying for a contract with no new phone to go with it

Janet Steell | | VERIFIED

Have been advised by the phone spot that my order was returned to warehouse and will be cancelled in next 3 to 5 working days so will give them until tuesday 6th august then phone again. Fingers crossed my contract will revert back and i will be able to upgrade with my network provider rather than a company who gives away my details without my consent.

Janet Steell | | VERIFIED

Still not getting anywhere...their customer service dont have a clue and.just tell you what you want to hear its disgusting...i cannot upgrade until phone spot inform o2 the phone was returned...they received it on monday at 10.39
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