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Eoin's complaint against The Phone Spot

Eoin West


Just Poor! Claiming to be O2 to increase sales!

Complaint against The Phone Spot

My wife received a call from someone she believed to be a O2 customs service sales person. As her upgrade had been due for almost a year and we got a call every 6 to 8 weeks asking if she would like a new phone/contract. She hadn't done the upgrade due to wanting to save money and not spend an extra £35 pound on a handset, when she was more than happy just to pay for her telephone contract as her Apple SE was working ok. Anyway the call came in, she's hoping to get a good deal! After being told she can have this new fabulous upgrade, the sales person goes over the details telling my wife that she can have a Apple 6s which has the same GB as her old handset. This isn't the case, as they send in a 32GB version! The following day the phone turns up, upon getting home from work i see that the paper work with the new upgrade isn't from O2, as they claimed on the call but another company called The Phone Spot or there online name e2save. My wife calls the following day to cancel, she has 14 day's to return the product, calls the customer service people who CLAIM they will do everything including the cancellation, issues a returns slip for dpd to collect and the goods get collected and returned by the 8th of April, the phone was only ordered on the 3rd of April so everything seems fine. Next month the new bill comes in and she isn't being charged £19.00 for calls and internet but now £35.00. My wife calls to complain and gets told that because she had a new sim that she can't get out of the contract which wasn't the case, when confirming the returns with the initial person who raised the cancellation and collection. Since then we have not had a call from anyone at the company asking why we have sent back a £525.00 handset and also when we contacted o2, they told myself and my wife it had nothing to do with them. How did they get my wife's details I don't know!!!! I'm going to give them one more call tomorrow and if I don't get the result I'm looking for, I will be calling my solicitor and speaking to Ofcom.

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