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Stephen's complaint against The Phone Spot

Stephen Jamieson


[LAPSED] Messed up phone upgrade

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I started getting calls from an 01244 number (Chester area), which I initially ignored. Eventually answered and they said that they were from the Phone Spot, part of the carphone warehouse. My upgrade was due on 22/09/17 but I said that I was awaiting the new iphone launch date before I upgraded. The man said that he would put me on a temporary contract until the launch date was announced, which reduced my monthly bill in the mean time, which I agreed to. The launch date was announced the following day. I received a phone call that day from a different 01244 number regarding my upgrade, also from The Phone Spot. I pre ordered the new iphone and asked him to confirm that the temporary contract would be overridden, to which he said yes but call customer services to double check, 01509 618593. I tried this numerous times but was constantly on hold for 20 mins+ so gave up. The due date for my delivery came and passed. I called the customer service number again on Saturday 23/09/17, , I got an answer within 10 mins. The man was very helpful but told me that my upgrade was the temporary contract and that there was no new iphone on the way. I couldn't upgrade and get my new phone because I'd chosen to accept the reduced rate (sim only contract). I was obviously angry and upset that I'd been mislead. Again, to be fair, the man was helpful. He said he would cancel the temporary contract, which would take 5 days, then he would call me back as he would then be able to upgrade and get me my new phone. That was today, 23/09/17, so I will see if he is true to his word. But I'm angry at the messing about and the additional delay for my upgrade.

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Hello Stephen, Thanks for your review. I’m sorry that to hear that you feel angry or mislead with your order and it has delayed you upgrading, but as you mentioned it does take up to 5 working days to reverse an upgrade. If you call us on on 01509 618 593 we will be happy to help. I hope you have a great day. Ryan | The Phone Spot Customer Support team
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