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fiona's complaint against The Phone Spot

fiona mccarroll


[RESPONDED] mislead...wrong handset...disgusted...

Complaint against The Phone Spot

after MANY cold calls from this company stating they were calling from car phone warehouse or o2 I was put under immense pressure to order. Asked if they could call me back in an hour as I was putting sick baby to bed and wanted to do some research into my new handset...called back 3 times in 30 min! Was very distressed with baby. wanted the iPhone the iPhone se REFURBISHED which arrived stuck with tape to a bit of card without a charger or key to insert sim. problem has arisen as I have been in hospital and when I returned and realised the error I was out of my 14 day return period. I explained my unique set of circumstances to their so called CUSTOMER SERVICE (joke) and was told it was my problem! so I get lied to, mislead on their selling, wrong handset sent out (on a piece of card) and I'm now stuck with a phone which I DID NOT WANT and is no good to me due to very personal reasons which I explained....THANKS I would love some one with half a heart and some sort of authority not to put me on hold and to phone me ASAP to sort out this mess and very upset angry customer. ( I would phone you but you NEVER answer the phone)

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ThePhone Spot | | VERIFIED

Hello Fiona, I'm sorry to hear about this and that you've not received the handset you ordered. Please call our customer service on team 01509 618 593 between 9am and 6pm so we can discuss this further. Leona | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

fiona mccarroll | | VERIFIED

After speaking to a lovely kind man on Friday explaining the whole situation...again, he assured me he would call me back between 9.30-10.30 in Monday morning...still. I further on. No call back!! Also said he would send me email from our correspondence on Friday and have not received that either! Could the person I was speaking with on Friday PLEASE phone me back today Thank you

fiona mccarroll | | VERIFIED

FINALLY! complaint has been resolved eventually...took a while and a lot of undue stress. Many thanks to Ryan at The Phonespot for sorting out my exchange so kindly and easily. Exchange is on its way...hopefully!!
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