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Samantha's complaint against The Phone Spot

Samantha Bickford


[LAPSED] Misleading order and bad customer service

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I recieved a call to upgrade 10 days early than my upgrade date, great deal on a new iphone 6. i waited 2 weeks for my confirmation of order to come through then another couple days for the phone, in the menatime i realised this company are not Carphone warehouse as they told me on the phone and they are also sending me a refurbished phone, which i did not agree too! So i call to cancel, but the phones out for delivery that daym i refuse delivery and am told the contract has been cancelled and within 3-5 working days i will be released and essentially free to upgrade elsewhere,. thijs was a week ago. I called phone spot today to find out why i am still locked in with them, to their reply the cancellation has been put through yesterday and will take 3-5 days to process so call again next week to check, this was what i was told last week. I cannot trust a word this company say!!! I want my cancellation immediately,i need a new phone for work i am currently without a phone, all because i was duped by this fraus company making out they are carphone warehouse and signing me up for a 2 year contract on a refurbed phone!!! i have had no choice but to publicaslly post this as i was hung up on after a 20 min call, when i complained, and then could not get through and hung up on again after another 15 minmutes on hold. terrible service. There is no email address for this company and spelling mistakes on their website,. Contact me asap or i will be taking further action/ Mrs Samantha Bickford

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Hi Samantha, Thanks for providing us with feedback on your experiences with ourselves, customer feedback is vitally important in helping us to identify areas in which we can improve and develop as a business. I would like to investigate your journey, please let me know your best contact number so we can discuss this in greater detail. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team
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