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Rachel's complaint against The Phone Spot

Rachel Galway


Misleading sales and ignored cancellation

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I was contacted by this company via phone call as my phone contract was due to expire. I was told they were ringing on behalf of carphone warehouse and they knew which phone I was using currently. I was offered a deal for a phone that was supposed to be just out and much better than my current Samsung model for £26 per month. I was told that I would receive the phone the next day, although officially it was a few working days, and that I could pull out very easily within the next 14 days free of charge. I eventually agreed. After the phone call I quickly checked other deals and I then realised this phone was not as good as the salesperson said and that I could get much better deals elsewhere. I rang to see if I could cancel and was told no problem that it was cancelled. I asked would i receive an email to confirm and she said I might not receive an email but that it was definitely cancelled. I had no choice but to take her word for it, but I was not happy with this. The contract was not cancelled. I received an email a few days later to say that the phone would be dispatched and was contacted by o2 to welcome me back to the company. The phone arrived about 3 days later and as soon as it arrived I contacted the company on their site to arrange the return and cancellation. I was emailed with advice to return the phone via the post office special delivery, and that I would be refunded the cost. I did email to say that I had done this and stated the cost of the postage as there was no facility to upload a copy of the requested receipt for the postage. The following week and I still heard nothing back from them about receiving or cancelling. I messaged via their website again about the return and have received no contact. At this stage I don't know what to do. I don't think o2 would be able to help me, and I feel like if I ring them I will not get anywhere.

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