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Ewelina's complaint against The Phone Spot

Ewelina Mazur


[LAPSED] Misselling

Complaint against The Phone Spot

Had a phone call from sale man from your company saying I am eligible for upgrade.His name was ....... ...... (northampton prefix).He offered me a phone and tariff that I accepted.After 2 days I received a phone that was totally different from the phone I agreed over the phone conversation.It was two models older from the phone I am using now,8gb memory instead of 16 as promised and lots more.I have tried to call and explain the case but it was unsuccessful.Simply ripped off.Very unprofessional service.Does the man will take responsibility for misselling and lying?P.s.Don't reply please you are sorry and ask me to phone to customer seevice as you do to every single complain.I asked question and answer please.If you won't,Im going to inform watchdog and put a formal complaint

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Charlotte Ellix | | VERIFIED

Hello Ewelina, Thanks for your feedback. If the phone you received isn’t as expected we’re able to investigate the sales call to establish what was agreed. In order to do this you’ll need to contact our customer service team on 01509 618 593. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team
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