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Elaine's complaint against The Phone Spot

Elaine Fryer


[RESPONDED] Misselling and no customer support or cancellation confirmation.

Complaint against The Phone Spot

Took a call whilst driving on Monday. Pleasant chap who was convincing. Told me my contract was up but also told me that I would be charged for my phone if I did not sort, even when I questioned this. I wanted to change to Sim only and he gave me a readonable deal which actually I could get better but felt pressured into sorting and it seemed genuine. I was also promised an email with details which never arrived and that I could cancel. I checked reviews that night and my account to find it does not expire until October and as I thought I wont get charged unless I leave early which I never would. This was misleading from PS. So I called the number back in Darlington the next day when I got in from work to cancel. Inwas frustrated but calm and was explaining why I wanted to cancel but as he questioned me I thought I don't need to justify and said I did not want questions but just to cancel. He had said hevwoukd cancel and hung up on me before I coukd give details. If you listen to the tape recording he was very rude and disgraceful. I assumed he was losing commission. I have no email and nothing to confirm the sim is cancelled and I revoked and verbal permissions for phonespot to change or do anything to my current contract.Today, I get another text to thank me for my order saying they would notify me when dispatched. Their phones ate closed by the time I get home and they do not accept response to text andvtheir is no email contact. I text the darlington no so they will get that message asking for someone to have the courtesy to confirm this has been cancelled as he was not convincing on the phone when he agreed and after thus I have a text saying my order will be despatched. I have asked 02 to reject any orders/cancellations to my account from this company. I would like an email to me to confirm nothing is proceeding. Not a request for me to call as I cannot due to work hours.

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ThePhone Spot | | VERIFIED

Hello Elaine, Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear about the situation and would like to discuss this with you further. If you wish to make a complaint please call customer service on 01509 618 593. Roshni | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

Elaine Fryer | | VERIFIED

I apologise for the grammar and spelling above.. I do not wish to ring you to discuss but you rang me first so please ring me. Please note this is formal and open notification of cancellation of any agreement that you take as a contractual agreement from a call on from 01325625902 on Monday 25 Sept. I cancelled on the same number at 1917 to 1922 hours on 26 Sept. Stop any orders progressing now.

ThePhone Spot | | VERIFIED

Hello Elaine, We’re unable to cancel anything without going through security. If you wish to cancel please call our customer service team on 01509 618 593. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

Elaine Fryer | | VERIFIED

It is ok as I will not ring you. You hung up on me but your advisor said on the phone he cancelled. I have instructed both my provider and everyone I can that your company has no permissions to alter or change my contract and no permissions to take money from me. I already cancelled in that phone call so as far as I am concerned the matter is closed. You have my number to call to clarify this.
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