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Jacqueline's complaint against The Phone Spot

Jacqueline Jeffrey


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Complaint against The Phone Spot

I received a call from Danny at phone Spot on 30th Sept. My upgrade was due with Carphone warehouse 10th Oct and Danny said he was in a position to offer me that upgrade early. Anyway, long and short of it is that I thought Danny was part of carphone warehouse which he isn't. I've now made a formal complaint to the board at Carphone Warehouse and asked them to make an approach to the directors of phone spot to ask phone spot to stop what is clearly fabricated calling. I've tried to email phone spot back on the email they sent with my order reference and surprise surprise, the email has come back undeliverable!! I await the phone, which I will be returning on receipt as I believe Phone spot have duped me and several others. I checked their status on the Financial Conduct Authority website and I'm now going to BBC watchdog, Trading standards & Ofcom.

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Hello Jacqueline Thanks for providing me with your feedback on your experiences with ourselves, customer feedback is vitally important in helping us to identify areas in which we can improve and develop as a business. I can confirm we are part of the Carphone Warehouse, If you wish to make a complaint please call our customer service team on 01509 618 593. Thanks for taking the time to leave a re
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