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lauren's complaint against The Phone Spot

lauren hunt


[RESPONDED] Phone Upgrade

Complaint against The Phone Spot

Recieved a phone call on 16th September saying I was due for a phone upgrade, agreed to an upgrade, updated my personal details as moved address from the first time of using them. They informed me I would have the new phone by 28th September latest. Still no phone 3 weeks later so phoned to get an update and was informed that there were no details on the system of ever doing a upgrade, which I then told them I wasn’t interested as I wasn’t going to agree to sign up again once already doing so. 15th October a bill came out my account and an email saying thankyou got upgrading, so I was being charged for a phone I didn’t have. The next day the phone arrived although I was told there were no upgrade on their system, when opening the phone I noticed it was the wrong phone, so I rang and they told me to return the phone and they would then send the new one out. Today I received a email saying I would receive the phone within an hour, when tracking my order I noticed it was going to the wrong address even though I’ve phoned twice updating my details! rang phonespot to inform them off this and once again just got fobed off claiming they’ve never had my new address, the wrong phone got sent to my new address so how does that work?! when she confirmed the phone with me I told her no that’s the wrong phone which I’ve sent back, she then informed me I would get my delivery tomorrow. Nothing but issues from day one, waited a month for the phone, paid the new contract bill two months when I don’t even have the phone yet, received the wrong phone then sent the new phone to the wrong address! fuming is an understatement right now

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ThePhone Spot | | VERIFIED

Hello Lauren, Thanks for your feedback. I apologise for the circumstances relating to your order. We understand your concerns and would like to investigate this further. Please call our customer service team on 01509 618 593 to discuss this further. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

lauren hunt | | VERIFIED

I’ve rang today and they are not interested at all and offering no help! I have today recieved the phone and for the second time it’s still the wrong phone! I want someone to contact me, this is beyond a joke. I have to pay a termination fee in order to cancel my contract because it’s past the 14 days, I still haven’t got the phone I wanted!!
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