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Cynthia's complaint against The Phone Spot

Cynthia Jackson


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Complaint against The Phone Spot

The Phone Spot contacted me on Fri 6th October re upgrade due on 16th. A phone to suit my needs (one of which is highly water resistant) was agreed as I was told I could drop it in a swimming pool. When the phone arrives after the 16 Oct, a colleague of mine says that is SO NOT water resistant, they have the same phone. Have had lots of issues with it for that reason. I work outside in all weathers on horses with physical and emotional pain issues, I can't not have a phone on me and I can't stop my work because the weather changes and it pisses down with rain! A week later 24th Oct I ring The Phone Spot at 13.24. I am in town, in a bank, the Post Office is two minutes away. I am told NO I cannot return via the post office. Some one will ring me back to make the appropriate returns authorisation. That phone call lasted 13mins 5secs. To date NO ONE has rung back. I have gone on line and am faced with Carphone Warehouse every time I try to return this phone.I I tried to ring when I got home from work on Fri 27 at 19.35 duration of call 21 secs. PS don't work until Monday. Mon I'm up at 4.30 am the nature of my work means I have no time to faff around with this company, nor do I today. Still no one has contacted me and the likely hood of returning a phone that is NOT FIT for the purpose that I need seems slim. Not Happy. In fact angry as a Tasmanian Devil in a Hornets nest. Next step I guess is Carphone Warehouse in a town 15 miles from us and 45 in the opposite direction from where I am working today. Next available day will be Fri 3rd Nov!

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Hello Cynthia, Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear about the situation and would like to discuss this with you further. If you wish to make a complaint please call customer service on 01509 618 593. Roshni | The Phone Spot Customer Support team
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