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Joan's complaint against The Phone Spot

Joan Crinnion


[RESPONDED] Rude Sales Call

Complaint against The Phone Spot

Received a call asking me if I want to upgrade, told him I hadnt thought about it and I would need more time to look into the company, he asked me if I was serious or not and when I said I wasnt sure just now he hung up on me. So very very rude and complete time wasters. Makes me want to just never answer my phone. Absolutely fuming at the cheek of this company.

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ThePhone Spot | | VERIFIED

Hello Joan, Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear about the situation and would like to discuss this with you further. Please call our customer service team on 01509 618 593 so we can assist you. Roshni | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

Joan Crinnion | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your reply but I dont need to discuss this with you. Please ask your sales people if they have to interrupt my working day by phoning my personal mobile number which I purchased to speak to my family and friends that the very least they can do is be polite and not hang up when they realise they are not getting a sale. Sales calls are bad enough but for them to hang up on you!!
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