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Kerri's complaint against The Phone Spot

Kerri Burke


[LAPSED] Tariff is not what was agreed by telephone upon order

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I ordered my upgrade phone with Carphone Warehouse. They rang me for a second attempt to go with them. I was asked if I'd like a newer model phone or lower priced tariff and I said both. I said I was after the Samsung s8 but was told I would be paying more than my already expensive £42pm with my S7. I was advised that the Sony Xperia XA2 was a phone that runs very similar to the S8 and has a better camera plus it would take my tariff down by £13pm so I opted for this. I received the phone and it was not damaged, no issues but I didn't set it up. I went away for a break and came back to noticing my email confirmation of order from o2 stated I was on an unlimited minutes and text tariff with 1gb of data which was not what I opted for. I said I was on 3gb data but only tended to use 1gb on average and would like to remain on the same amount. I rang The Phone Spot on 18th April to say I hadn't touched the phone as yet because I was not happy with the 1gb of data to be told I was on a 4bg tariff, 1gb then a 3gb bolt on. I said I had no paperwork to prove this and my email says 1gb so I want them to look into this as I will send the phone back if not. The person I spoke to said they would get someone to listen in on the telephone conversation when I ordered the phone and I'd hear back within a week. I didn't receive that call. It wasn't until yesterday when I was booted off of YouTube when on my 4g out walking and that I got a text to say I'd used all my data from o2, that it reminded me that The Phone Spot hadn't rang me back. I logged into myo2 yesterday to read that I had 0gb left of 1gb until 14th May which was 11 days away. So today 5th May I rang them again to be told by the call handler than I am definately on 4gb to which I explained that I clearly wasn't. I did say noone rang me back within a week as promised and he said it can take longer than a week, bearing in mind we are now 17 days later I believe that was just an excuse from him. I was told the 1gb is definately my data provided and the +3 will most probably be a bolt on but to call o2 who will sort it straight away. I rang o2 who were most helpful in advising me that I am on a 1gb tariff not 4gb. The lady ever so kindly gave me as a goodwill 2gb of data from o2 which they didn't have to do. She raised a case re my orders tariff to The Phone Spot but I do not expect to hear from The Phone Spot in this time. I will receive an email from o2's team as proof of my tariff even though I have email proof anyway but this will include details of their findings. I never had an issue with my other two Carphone Warehouse contracts like this and knew something wasn't right when I read my email in the middle of April out of the 14 day opt out contract period. I however refuse to stay in this contract with them with the untouched Sony Xperia now I have been told they have made a mistake their end. I could've got the same contract elsewhere for £23 per month but chose to stay with the reliable Carphone Warehouse who I have now found to be unreliable. I do not care that I am out of the 14 day phone return and contract cancellation...The Phone Spot can do this on my behalf. I am happy to post the phone to the address they provide after this bank holiday weekend. Hope this helps.

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Hello Kerri, Thanks for your feedback. I apologise for the circumstances relating to your order. We understand your concerns and would like to investigate this further. If you wish to discuss this further please call customer service on 01509 618 593 Roshni | The Phone Spot Customer Support team
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