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Steven's complaint against The Phone Spot

Steven Gibbon


Unable to cancel upgrade - Phone returned

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I received a cold call from The Phone Spot on 6th September 2019 offering a 'great deal' on a new phone. I initially thought I was getting a really good offer but upon further investigation I realised the contract and the phone were not what I was looking for. I immediately cancelled the contract and was assured that no phone would be sent out. Then 2 days later I get a text from O2 informing me that my tariff had changed! I contacted The Phone Spot again, once again advised I would not be sent the phone. Then 2 days later I get an email telling me that I my new phone would be with me that day! I immediately contacted The Phone Spot again and was told to return the phone and the contract would again be cancelled. The phone was returned the same day of arrival and I have received a confirmation email confirming the phone was received by The Phone Spot (e2 save) on 9th September. However O2 have confirmed each time that the phone has not been marked as returned. Cutting a very long story short of numerous phone calls to O2, Carphone Warehouse and the Phone Spot the contract is still in place and once again I have been told it will take another 3-5 days to cancel. However I have very little faith this will be done as when I asked the customer service representative her name she cut me off. 02 have tried to help but cannot do anything until the contract is cancelled. I just want to get this upgrade removed so I can get the new phone and contract I want. I have no faith in customer services being able to deal with this and just have to wait another 3-5 days until I have to phone again. Looking at the comments already left by others this seems to be a common complaint. I look forward to The Phone Spot responding to this without just telling me to contact customer service. NB. The Carphone Warehouse when I spoke to them refused to help saying the Phone Spot was another company, yet when I called the Phone Spot Customer service number 01509 618593 the recorded message says that the Carephone Warehouse customer service line is now closed. Now that is a puzzle?!

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Steven Gibbon | | VERIFIED

An update to my initial complaint. I have now made a number of follow up calls and each time i have been told it had NOT been cancelled, or the was cancelled incorrectly???? I hsve to wait guess what? Another 3-5 days. Phone Spot you are a disgrace of a company and should be ashamed at your treatment of customers.
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