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Stefan's complaint against The Phone Spot

Stefan Hogan


[RESPONDED] Was given the impression I was talking to 02

Complaint against The Phone Spot

I was given the impression I was talking to 02,as they had all my details and knew I was near the end of my contract with Carphone Warehouse,I was talked into having a sim which rolling 30 day rolling contract and could choose to upgrade at any point,but not for first 90 days,they said they would lower bill from 19.50,to £15.00 a month.I was horrified when I received a confirmation email of the phone spot and then more emails welcoming me to e2save. I then realised It wasn’t 02.I rung Carphone Warehouse on their freephone number and asked to be transferred to e2save,which they did and gave order number to the operator who then put me on hold for 20 minutes,when she came back to me she told me she couldn’t find order as it hadn’t been processed,so she transferred me to internet dept,after 15 minutes on hold I heard them pick phone up and hang up.I tried logging into my e2save so called account and guess what it won’t log in,there’s no email address,to contact them.I went into Carphone Warehouse today as e2save is affiliated with them and was told they know nothing about the phone spot,and e2save just pay Carphone Warehouse for customers details,and they couldn’t and wouldn’t help.

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ThePhone Spot | | VERIFIED

Hello Stefan, Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear about the confusion and that you’re having issues contacting us. We’re not O2 directly however are authorised to sell and upgrade O2 contracts. If you still wish to contact us please call our customer service team on 01509 618 593 so we can assist you. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

Stefan Hogan | | VERIFIED

I have contacted you through Carphone Warehouse as your phone charges are so high especially when I’m put on hold for 20 mins,and when I got through I still wasn’t helped,why do you not have an email address

Stefan Hogan | | VERIFIED

All I want is this order cancelled which is due to start in March,due to being mislead

Stefan Hogan | | VERIFIED

Hi would like to thank spokesman for taking this on,the phone number from Chris at one spot was useful and happy to say the order is cancelled many thanks spokesman and Chris from one spot 👍
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