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Rahul's complaint against Baseo

Rahul Uddin



Complaint against Baseo

I visited baseo in stratfOrd between 1:00 and 1:30, I approached the till asking a sales assistant with green hair if they have a playstation 2 memory card, which he showed me a playstation 1 memory card with a playstation 2 label The product it self was £3 I gave the sales assistant a £5 note Which he goes to saying he they only have change in 20p and if it's ok I said no I do not wanna carry that much change so I got four 50p in change which isn't much of a problem I looked at the memory card and said the worker it looks a ps1 memory card, and he said he don't know anything about games, so I put my trust in the shop, thinking it's been years I might be wrong when I went home it turned out that I was right it was a ps1 memory card, when I called the shop I told the staff member that I've been sold the wrong product and I'm coming back which he than replied can you bring your ps2 so they can check if I'm lying which I said I'm gonna record it on my phone that comment upset me, for them to say bring my own ps2 is the worst thing I heard from a shop that deals with electronics So when I went to the shop I approached the till letting them know That I was the costumer that was sold the wrong item The boy he served me said that before selling it he checked online to see if that was a ps2 memory card and he was right I than said I checked and you can see yourself what a real ps2 memory looks like Ps2 memory card has pointy edge Ps1 has round edges The store maanger I spoke on the phone asked what's the difference I was shocked to see a store manager not knowing about his own products And asking me to bring my ps2 to his store Which than another sales assistant It's just better than the ps1 memory Saying it while smiling in a cheeky tone I than told him that the ps1 memory card don't work on ps2 games It shocks me these workers know nothing about electronic and don't test the products they are selling Which than a dark skin indian worker goes to me is there anything else I would like to take from the store I said to him I just want a ps2 memory card, which he replied by saying that they don't have one so is there anything else I would like from the store, not asking if I want my money back at all I than said no I want my money back or a ps2 memory card which thay didn't have Than the Indian man just said give his £3 back in a angry tone Which the green haired boy did, so than the boy gabe me three £1 coins Showing that he was lying about them not having change and looked at me straight in my face without saying sorry I can't believe these are the type of people that are working in a shop where all the care about is money and not caring about what broken faulty machinary someone will take That's my experience with baseo and never will I buy from them again

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