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Theresa's complaint against Supanet

Theresa Pokuaa


i want to cancel the contract i agreed over the phone but not using it yet. supanet wants to charge

Complaint against Supanet

I agreed to sign a contract with supanet for broadband and landline on the 27/04/17 when i was moving home. I moved to the new property and found a problem with the telephone socket far from the living room. I reported it but i was advised to sort the problem myself because it will cost me a lot of money if they send an engineer to the property. Again, they told me my line will go live on the 16/05/17 but it didn't. I phoned them on the same day to find out why I could not use the line. the person i spoke with told me there is a problem with the line so i can't use it but they will let know when the problem will be sorted it. Then I said, i have already had problems with them so i want to cancel. The person said,he was going to put me through cancellation team to tell them which never happened. Somebody called me later that, the team have closed but they will speak to me the following day. Then yesterday 17/05/17 at about 18.59 i received a text message that my line is on live but the broadband will start at midnight. I phoned them today that i do not want to go ahead but i still want to cancel but i cannot pay any termination fee because i have not used the line. They are still insisting about paying full termination of over £200 of which i can't pay otherwise they will terminate the line. I would like to lodge this complaint for further look into the whole agreement and my right to cancel. Thank you

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