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Darren's complaint against Supanet

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Complaint against Supanet

Signed up to supanet with a promise of 5mbps lowest. From day the system went live, we were not receiving anything near this speed. Their tech team told me the router needed a 10 day training period to find its calibration and about 6 days into going live i tried to cancel, only to be told that my 14 day cool off period was already over as it starts on the date of order. I won't write a story but with the order being live from the day it was ordered, I am now 51 days into a service that has not provided the speed that was sold. I have constantly called the tech team, which I am now expected to pay for the calls. I have followed all direction on my end to try and rectify the issue, they sent a new router, with no difference to speed, they've changed parameters, boosted line etc and still, nothing. I got good speed in morning but from 2pm onwards it gradually drops to 1.8 mbps and on weekends as low as 0.4mbps. Tech team is arrogant, patronising and completely unprofessional. I cancelled my direct debit by mistake and set it back up again but it failed for some reason, although my bank dosent seem to see anyone trying to set it up again. Spoke to a manager as my system is now suspended and this is the fun part. My original contract is £28.99, now apparently I have to pay a month in advance on top of that. My first bill is £97 because of calls to their tech team and a couple of calls to ofcom, that's it. Now bearing in mind I'm 51days into this fault, the manager told me I have to pay this to go live again so the can rectify the problem that they haven't been able to sort from day one and if not, then after 5 days from that call, the fault will be reset to a fresh 8 week period, that's the legal period a company has to rectify a complaint before they have to reimburse or release a customer with no charge, I was 5 days shy from this. So naturally I lost it on the phone, the manager became even more patronising and laughed at me, I mean seriously. Now, it's 11 days to Christmas and I have no broadband and will not have broadband and my kids have asked for systems that rely on broadband, my wife is at university and needs broadband and Supanet has not delivered and as far as I'm concerned, has robbed me and destroyed our Christmas. I wish I had never joined this company

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