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Complaint against Phone Recylers

I hope you can help me. I wish to report what strongly appears to be an online scam. The company is They offer a price for you to sell your mobile handset back to them. After agreeing a price with them I posted my phone over 5 weeks ago (after daily emails from them hassling me to send the phone ASAP). Since then they have ignored all my emails, not reached out to me and not paid any amount of money. Their customer phone number rings non-stop but no answer ever comes -I left it to ring for 15 minutes last week and no answer or voice mail capability. Today I called them and no answer again. After further research online I have unfortunately found that there appears to be hundreds of customers with the exact same experience. They deleted all the Facebook posts (literally hundreds) from disgruntled customers and those asking about their phone and money. People have started posting again and I managed to screenshot the complaints before they inevitably get deleted. They suggested people inbox message them their order number, but again they don't respond and people have done this weeks ago. it seems that they have been on the radar before, but they are still scamming people: I hope you can help. And I'm more than happy to provide further information.

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