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Katharine's complaint against Sb7mobile

Katharine Winstone


[RESPONDED] 02 charges made to sb7

Complaint against Sb7mobile

I have recently renewed my contract with 02 to find that i have been being charged £20 a month since 2015 to SB7 who seem too have been able to do this since i once downloaded an app to created a card with minted mobile. I had no idea that i could be charged for anything like this on my mobile and am outraged that this sort of device is used to procure ,one from people like me who have limited knowledge of the technology we are using. i had received messages but did not realise that i could be paying for anything that was not signed for by myself and agreed within the contract. I intend getting in touch with the BBC and with my solicitor. It is terrible that this can happen. i seem to have paid out more than £300 for absolutely nothing.

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Customer Service | | VERIFIED

Dear Katherine, Any charges incurred on your mobile phone can only occur as the result of interaction with one of our services. If you have not already done so, please contact our Customer Services Team on 03301340181, or email us at [email protected], we will be happy to help. Customer Services for SB7 Mobile

Sarah Louise | | VERIFIED

The don't reply to complaints anyway, report them to action frsud.
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