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Complaint against Sb7mobile

on feb 28th I ordered an on-line shop with sainsbury's apparently as I have since been informed by sb7mobile I ticked a box to agree to participate on a mobile based competition to win a possible prize of £25000.00 I have since been informed that there was small print but I cannot recall seeing it.this stated that i had agreed to paying £4.50 (inc vat) each week for this privilege. they (sb7mobile) say that they have sent me many texts concerning my membership of their competition but I am certain that i never received any. any way at that time I was using Vodafone pay-as -you-go and I suddenly found that my £20 top up was depleting rapidly there is no paper bill with P A Y G so I failed to make a connection. after finding that my PAYG top up was rapidly depleting I decided in july to enter a Vodafone monthly contact upon receiving my first Vodafone bill I discovered that every sunday sb7mobile were sending me some spurious text (that i fail to remember receiving) and charging me £4.50 before I realised what was happening and put a stop on sb7mobile texts they charged me £125.00 I am not sure who was the beneficiary Sainsbury's or sb7mobile but in any case i am 72 years old and consider that i was unsuspectingly caught in a deliberate scam.

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Customer Service | | VERIFIED

Dear Robert, none of our messages would give the impression that our competition service has been provided by Sainsbury's and our weekly subscription fee is clear on all promotions. If you would like us to look into this for you, please get in touch via [email protected] or 0330 134 0181. Customer Services for SB7 Mobile

Sarah Louise | | VERIFIED

The don't reply to complaints anyway, report them to action fraud.
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