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(Mar) Tina 's complaint against Virgin Media

(Mar) Tina Grandfield


2nd Galaxy S4 Mini with a fault. 1st one lost/destroyed by Virgin, 2nd Virgin refusing to repair!

Complaint against Virgin Media

Reported fault with Galaxy S4 Mini To Virgin 13/1/15. Virgin lost/destroyed phone. Replacement received 27/1/15. 10 wk old replacement S4 faulty & reported 7/4/15. Returned by Virgin on 15/4/15 as logged with previous IMEI no! Numerous calls & told twice phone repaired & dispatched. Phone returned 7/5/15 unrepaired due to 'liquid damage'. Took Virgin 4 wks to say 'liquid damage' after telling me twice repaired. Disputing liquid damage done whilst in my possession. Threatened with bad credit rating if I cancel DD. £324.99 to end contract! Unwilling to resolve. Request for call backs not done. Formal complaint done, no response other than email stating unable to cover cost of replacement or end contract.

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(Mar) Tina Grandfield | | VERIFIED

Reply received today, please advise. I understand this situation is frustrating, but we wouldn’t be looking to change the decision my colleague has given you over the phone, or I have given in my email. I’m sorry to hear about the issues with your previous phone, but again this wouldn’t change the outcome of the phone in question.

(Mar) Tina Grandfield | | VERIFIED

You have a fixed term contract with Virgin Mobile. Unfortunately liquid damage isn’t covered under the warranty of the phone. This wouldn’t change the term of the contract you have with Virgin Mobile. We wouldn’t want you to return the phone to us, as the phone has got liquid damage, and this again wouldn’t take you out of contract. This is Virgins final stance on this matter. If you would like to seek 3rd party advice in regards to this, you are well within your rights to do so.
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