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Shirin's complaint against Virgin Media

Shirin Aguiar


Atrocious customer service and long delay in getting service

Complaint against Virgin Media

Virgin Media bombarded my sister with phone calls trying to get her to sign up. This is what she messaged me yesterday: "S, believe it or not, Virgin Media are still pestering me, leaving messages everyday. Even though I blocked them. Guess they have ways around that. You'd think that as I haven't responded, they would know I'm not interested." The engineer talked me into handing over my sister's phone number, even though I was in a panic trying to get to work after waiting five hours for him to turn up, or from his managers. The engineer even wanted her address, which I did not give him. To add insult to injury, just before he arrived after keeping me waiting for five hours, the engineer left me a voicemail message promising that he would have goodies for me. The goodies turned out to be the booklet of offers. This is pretty shameful sales tactics which you as the sales person for Virgin Media must bear responsibility for. Virgin Media has a stinky way of going about its business, not least the fact that I was kept waiting for four weeks for broadband and tv services, and had horrendous experiences on the phone with its rude Indian call centre staff.

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