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Elaine's complaint against Virgin Media

Elaine Clough


[RESOLVED] - Cancellation charges

Complaint against Virgin Media

I am contacting you on behalf of my sister in law Jean Laurent who currently is very ill. She has been diagnosed with Copd ( this is a heart disorder which causes breathing problems.) Jean has oxygen pumped around her house and is attached to a machine 15 hours a day. TV internet and phone is therefore very important to her. Very recently she has had a relapse in her illness, she is no longer able to return home instead she needs to move to a ground floor apartment if she wants to live independently. Virgin media no longer provide the services Jean needs at her new address otherwise she would stay with them, she has been left with no choice but to cancel her contract ... The final charge has come through which included £160 of cancellation charges, This seems unfair as it is not Jeans fault that she is not continuing her contact. She is elderly, disabled and unable to afford this bill. She is now worried and stressed over the bill she has been presented with ... Please look into it for her please. acct number 080120303

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Virgin Media resolved this complaint

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Elaine Clough | | VERIFIED

When I managed to get to speak to the right team and get them to understand the position we were in then actually Virgin Media were brilliant and really understanding ... Sometimes you just want to know that you are being listened to and being treat like a human being instead of being bombarded with processes. Thank you to aspokesman and VM it has been fully resolved
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