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Complaint against Virgin Media

I pay over £130 pm to Virgin media, i have the biggest package available from them as well as multiroom for my 2 children, I came home from work to find my internet and tv services weren't working, I asked a neighbour if theirs was ok and theirs was fine, I called Virgin and told them my problem, they said it could be a problem in my area, I told them it couldn't be that as my next door neighbour and other neighbours were fine, they then said they would send an engineer to me on Saturday! I told the lady I couldn't possibly be expected to wait until Saturday without tv or Internet, she said I'm sorry that's the best I can do, this problem happened a couple of months ago too, I waited 3 days without tv of Internet until an engineer replaced my box, I was never compensated for my 3 days without services, I explained this to the lady and told her I'm not waiting another 4 days for an engineer and paying for a service I'm not receiving, so I told her I would like to cancel so she hung up! I called back up and asked to be put through to the cancellation dept, I was then put on hold listening to music for 25 minutes, I lost patience and hung up, I refuse to pay for a service I'm not getting and as a customer who pays Virgin over £1500 a year I don't expect to wait 4 days without tv or Internet for an engineer, I will just cancel my DD at the bank, maybe that will grab thier attention but I'm sure I will still be billed!

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