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Rob's complaint against Virgin Media

Rob Carvell


Do not accept a reduced contract when you cancel.

Complaint against Virgin Media

I canceled my Broadband and was called up by someone who persuaded me to take up a new deal including TV telephone and broadband for around £2 more. I took a lot of persuading as I have 4G on my phone and TV with freeview and I don't use the telephone. I was persuaded by the £2 per month promise with no mention that the contract would revert to another price after 12 months and run for a further 6 months at £50+ for two services I don't need and one I rarely need. After 12 months I was called by Virgin by a lady called Sam trying to ups sell me products during the call I asked to give notice to cancel I was told by Sam this would be ok. After this call I received a further bill with the increased charge. I called Virgin to ask when the contract would end only to be told that I was on an 18 month contract. I was told I was sent a letter with the contract on. I have no recollection of receiving the contract so asked them to listen to the calls when the upgraded service was sold to me Virgin deleted the recording. So I am now paying for services I rarely use and services I do not want. A warning to anyone cancelling do not accept a reduced bill it will may have a sting in the tail. I made a complaint but was told I will not be told the findings of the investigation.

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